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Jeanette and our friend Walt Minnick are both Rooted in the West, 1987

The Neigbhorhood buzz is noise pollution.

Owyhee Canyonlands Rendezvous IV, June 2002

Owyhee Canyonlands Rendezvous III, June 2001

Weather report, from an amazing inversion, Christmas 1999

Owyhee Canyonlands Rendezvous, Sept. 1999

Road rage, Boise style, 1994

Flood control on the Boise River, 1998

Flood control on the Boise River, 1999

Jeanette's experience of volunteering at the 1998 Boise River Festival

The Ada County Highway District gerrymandering, 1998

King Dirk and the Owyhee Mountains



Tribal epistemology, vaccine edition

The storming of the Capitol, January 6, 2021

What if the news really is fake? Breakout session at the Frank Church Institute 2019 conference in Boise

What goes around comes around, promises our newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

A massive gift of hypocrisy and venality; the last-minute stocking-stuffer GOP tax bill of 2017

All things immoderation; in praise of, and contempt for moderation

Idaho's self-styled militia add up to Three Percent Of Nothing

Inside the Black Box; my review of Frank Pasquale's book, The Black Box Society.

Fearless Fomenters of Fiscal Fear got together for a symposium in Boise in late February, 2013

Pillar to post: a look at Tom Luna's plan to gut Idaho's education system

The gang that couldn't shoot straight includes Karl Rove, William Kristol, Liz Cheney, Keep America Safe, and Marc Thiessen.

Dark Thirty in the Garden of Good and Evil, by Jeanette Ross

Rule of Law, or Rule of Memorandum?

A critique of the 2006 fundaising effort, packaged as The Republican Party Census Document, et al.

Responding to George W. Bush's speech on Veteran's Day, 2005: Leadership, and the War on Terror

Another letter to Larry Craig, about the Senate's Advice and Consent

Deconstructing the 2005 State of the Union speech

My account of poll-watching for the 2004 General Election

Parsing the algebra of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit

Rush is out of rehab, and he's turned liberal!

Debating, on the eve of war.

Why I oppose war in Iraq

Thoughts on the apparent eve of our next war on Iraq

The Real Challenge Facing America, a guest editorial from my father, after the Sept. 11th attack on America.

Dang it, missed again on the way to our impenetrable missle shield.

"Ban the Bomb" became Ban the Bombast after the US Senate voted down ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, on Oct. 13, 1999

W.'s problem with his cocaine use, and his Drug W arning

Looking at us looking at The World as 100 People

What's wrong with statistics for the census?

My view of the impending impeachment of Bill Clinton

The impeachment, in progress

The non-end of the Cold War, 1998

Enough is Enough

How we give away land in these here parts, 30 Jan 1999

A letter to my Senator, Larry Craig, Craig's reply, my reply to his reply, and that might be it...



Inside the Black Box; my review of Frank Pasquale's book, The Black Box Society.

An index of things having to do with maps, including description of GIS standards

A survivor's view of downsizing: RIFfed

Wondering if I should be synergized by the merger of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard.

We're on our own after the passing of Bill Hewlett.

Duck and cover for the Hailstorm press release we'd like to see.

My occasional patent watch of interesting happenings in the field of intellectual property.

My compact manual for Server Side Includes on the Apache server. Condensed from Apache's documentation and the information Westhost sent me.

A very brief and non-technical Intro to XML, Extensible Markup Language.

Microsoft found Guilty!, and Bill has a tantrum.

Microsoft found guilty again, but the divestiture decree is set aside.

Patent Mania, reflecting on the six millionth US patent.

Engineering Software?, 30 Oct 1999 rant about whether engineering could possibly include this 20th century upstart.

10 questions science hasn't answered

So you want to be an inventor? Here's a recipe.

Land of the Free, browser, that is.



Economic meltdown, 2008, by Bill Reid

Testing the ends of the economic spectrum and what it means to buy local

California has energy crises real and imagined.

My reaction to (and brief review of) the Cluetrain Manifesto, Aug. 10, 2000

When the Social Security Administration sent me a statement, it prompted me to run a calculation of my interest in Social Security.

Less is less, More are better, 16 April 2000 look at Julian Simon's idea of human population as the "Ultimate Resource."

Are we having a stock market Crash?!

Two Russian Economies, 15 June 1999

Our cultural obsession with growth

Stock Market Momentum, Originally posted on 7.Feb 1999, and last updated 13.Nov 1999.

Table: Top 100 Market capitalization, updated Dec. 4, 1999



Reflections on recurring tragedy after seeing Opera Idaho's 2018 Madama Butterfly

A look back, and deep inside the Forbidden Planet

Amusical Review of The Milk Carton Kids and Josh Ritter, at the Egyptian, Aug. 15, 2013

Magic and Freedom: Dancing to a New Tune in The Magic Flute, by Jeanette Ross.

Book review of the "business novel," Critical Chain and its project management ideas (1998)

Book review of Dialogue and the art of thinking together , by William Isaacs (1999)

Dancing in the Spider's Web, Jeanette's review of West Bay Opera's production of Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny.

Review of the book Genesis and the Big Bang, 1994

Favorite books I've read lately

Continuation of my reading list

Explanation of my association with, and why my reading list has links to their site.


Family & Journal

My weblog, updated erratically (but frequently). One month chunks.

Social media, a poem

Waiting to be Seduced by the Don, Jeanette's sesquicentennial memory of Opera Idaho

God's Bullies, Jeanette on her soapbox for Banned Books Week

Purely Noteworthy, Jeanette's collecting folklore about the afterlife

A request from the Dalai Lama

16 Days in China, Nov. 2003

A photoessay from the opening of the new Boise Airport terminal

A day of backcountry skiing on Banner Ridge

Photos from a ride on the Thunder Mountain Line of the Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad.

It's tulip time in fortboise.

Home again from a year in Palo Alto

(Jeanette's) Photos and musings from Año Nuevo

Our first visit to Yosemite in pictures (mostly) and words.

Be it Resolved... for the New Year, 2000.

Musing on myopia and other forms of vision loss.

An essay on Work / Life balance

Home page and main index, with current essay

Phototravelogue from Nikko National Park (Japan), 1998

La Jolla MOMA, photo referenced by the BUUF News


Family page


Sporting topics

Football index

World Cup '98, the punch line

My too-late-for-publication rebuttal to the Statesman's sports columnist's rant about soccer Take that out of your mouth!


The Blazing Spuds

The Blazing Spuds through the years. (The 5 seasons' worth of game reports and stats have been sent to the morgue.)



Morning wind index with Lucky Peak wind reports.

A windsurfing fall classic at Lucky Peak reservoir

Photo travelogues from three trips to the Gorge in 2001: #1, #2, #3

"Closing Day" photoessay, Sept. 15, 2002.

"About" page with "what's new," etc.

Spinout FAQ, for rec.windsurfing


Useful stuff

Recovering and converting old Quattro Pro files

Defuse the IRA Tax Time Bomb with good advice from Ed Slott's books and website.

Expanded DHTML tooltips and some of what goes wrong with them.

Webhosting comparison shopping I did, before I selected Westhost

My most-used home software

Feel like you're under an Ad Attack? That's because you are. Here are some ideas for fighting back.

It's been updated and reorganized, with my original email to a mailing list and correspondence with Walt Mossberg in separate documents.

A brief and hype-free introduction to XML

Jakob Nielsen has lots of useful ideas, and a wonderfully inflated ego. Updated, Aug. 2000

Live longer, happier, and with less stress.

A brief test drive of the new Honda Insight

A dozen tips to save time and space

A collection of assorted bookmarks I like

6 reasons not to send Micro$oft another check

How to weigh cannonballs

My Dear Bill letter about an Outlook97 data corruption problem. Poetically, it bounced. (Later, I found his correct address. Still no answer.)

Alphabetic keyword index of the site.

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