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The 1998 Blazing Spuds
The 1998 Spuds

For some years, this was the index to the season box score and game reports of The Blazing Spuds, an over-30 men's team in the Southern Idaho Soccer League. I'm sad to say that the Spuds have gone defunct, and over-30 has become over-50 for some of us.

What's left is a small collection of essays on the topic of soccer (mostly) and sports:

Now that it's 2015, there's another Women's World Cup going on, and I might have something to say about that. But first, the exciting conclusion the U.S. Open... in golf! from the blog.

The 2011 World Cup quarterfinal between the USA and Brazil
was one of the most exciting soccer games I've seen.

World Cup '06
A short wrap-up of the quadrennial spectacle.

A Kid's Game
Spectating at the sports book lounge at Harrah's in Reno.

World Cup '99
Observations on the women's 1999 World Cup, and a few suggestions for ABC Sports on how to cover soccer.

World Cup '98
My short list of what the (men's) World Cup would have been better without.

Play Ball!
Cuba vs. Baltimore (in baseball) and a visit to Pleasant Valley for a friendly soccer match.

Prater's Prattle
Mike Prater was (maybe still is, I don't know) a sports columnist for the local Boise paper, and one of his columns made fun of soccer in that freely sarcastic style sports columnists get to use. I make fun of him.

What do you get when you cross America's pastime with a disgusting drug habit?

Soccer refs attacked after game
An article that ran in the Palo Alto Daily News in March, 2000, about an incident of Menlo Park players and fans taking things a little too seriously.

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