HP Blazing Spuds

A Blazing Spud

November 7, 1999

The HP Blazing Spuds took first place in the Men's over-30 division this fall season, finishing it with a decisive 7-0 spanking of Angell's 30. Meanwhile, the Turf Football Club, who the Spuds have owned for the last two years, somehow managed to dominate Vantage Realty, 3-1 on the final Sunday. The Turf had benefited earlier in the season from a forfeit by Vantage, when the latter had failed to accurately count to two; the maximum number of players under 30 allowed in the over-30 league.

Vantage had embarrassed the Spuds on their first outing, but after that one loss, the Spuds were unbested in 7 tries -- they outscored their opponents by more than 4-1, and never gave up more than one goal to an opponent in those seven games.

The goalkeeper, Eric Grae, matured like a fine wine as the fall went on, finishing the season with a shutout. Thomas Otto and Dan Sammartino combined for 14! assists, and Otto put away 4 goals in the final weekend's two games. Max Uchida tied Otto's goal total in the two (!) games he could squeeze in before returning home to dominate the Japanese league. And John Lamken anchored a defensive line that was beyond stingy to all comers. Nicely done, boys!

The fall 1999 Blazing Spuds The Spuds toast our first place season:
Back row: John Lamken, Randy Matthews, Sayed Naimi, Kevin McIntyre, Freddy Matsuo.
Middle: Thomas Otto, Ron Coate
Front row: Robert Lothrop Eric Grae, Bob McGraw, Jimmy Carisma, Tom von Alten, Jeff Blanchard
Front: Luigi Paraboschi
Thanks to Thomas for the photo.

The 1998 Blazing Spuds

The 1998 Blazing Spuds

Back row: John Lamken, Rich Eveland, James Sangroniz, Ross DeRock, Ron Coate, Dave Wissenbach, Dan Sammartino, Brad Vasel, Juan Cortes, Synara Ung.

Front row: Paul Spencer, Paul Anderson, Tom von Alten, Frank Stein, Max Uchida, Robert Lothrop, Eric Grae, Dave Cotner, Marcus Smith.

Not pictured: Jim Banton, John Craven, Randy Mathews, Bob McGraw.

Thanks to Max Uchida for the original picture.

Fall '98 Results

HP Blazing Spuds Club de Fútbol    Fall '98 Record
GAMES WON LOST TIED Goals For Goals Against
8 5 2 1 19 9
7 4 2 1 16 9 In Division

The 1995 Blazing Spuds

Once upon a time, we had the HPIB team which became the Lasers. The other team was The Spuds, which has been around since forever. For a little while we had three teams, and the one in the middle was The Blaze. When the latter two were merged, The Blazing Spuds were born.

The 1995 Blazing Spuds team photo

In a moment of past glory, here is most of the 1995 HP Blazing Spuds. The trophies are for 3rd place in our division, and 3rd place in the fall tournament, where we played in Men's division II, along with a couple of players from the Lasers.

Back row, from left: Tom von Alten, Dave Wissenbach, Gilberto Hernandez, Filimon Orozco, Ross DeRock.

Front row: Paul Spencer, Salomon Moctezuma, Daryl Little, Rich Eveland, Walt Uebelacker.

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