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Well, just because.

Once upon a time, the internet was non-commercial. Running an "ad" or promoting something for sale was worse than bad form, it was an invitation to ostracism.

That was then. This is now.

My purpose is to entertain, to provoke, to inform, to share some ideas with family, friends, and friendly strangers. To provide a small respite from carnival barkers and flashing, spinning things.

In the great 90's Internet Gold Rush, the collegiallity that made the 'net happen in the first place became a sort of quaint bit of memorabilia (with some notable exceptions), but I've enjoyed and benefited from it for a dozen years, and I just hate to see all that wasted in the commercial drive to turn the Web into WebTV.

This is my personal outpost of the non-commercial possibilities of the web. If you like something, please let me know, and if you don't like something, please let me know about that, too. (Fix the email address in the obvious way.)

With a very few exceptions, the material here is original, and copyrighted by me. The exceptions should be clear from the context. If you want to share this stuff with others, please point them to this site,

If you want to use any of the material for your own purposes, please ask me, first. I'm liable to say "OK, just give me credit, and a link," for non-commercial uses, and agree to something reasonable for any commercial use. (Hey, ya never know!)

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Why "Fort Boise"?

Boise is where I live most of the time, and I liked the frontiersy name. The original Fort Boise was a trading post built in 1836 just below the confluence of the Boise and Snake rivers. There's a replica of it in Parma, up out of the flood plain. (The original was destroyed by Boise River floods of 1853 and 1862.) The State Historical Society site says about the later version, "the Fort Boise in Boise City was a military post established in 1863, which today serves in part as a veterans' hospital and military reserve." There's a community center there now, too.

One might also ask why an onion seller decided to use the name...

Tom von Alten      tva_∂t_fortboise_⋅_org

Friday, 23-Mar-2007 10:04:15 MDT