Interesting web places to go

Here's an assorted collection of sites I find useful, interesting, indispensable and/or fun. Don't forget to "open in a new window" if you don't want to have to back up to find this list.

News and information

The New York Times

The Lewiston, Idaho Tribune, Online Edition

Search Science News Online Full-Text Articles

Greg Goebel's Vectors, reviews of current events in science

Politics and Religion

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

UU Salvational Theology

Take back our cities!

Common Cause Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics.

Christians for the cloning of Jesus

Computer reference, applications, imaging, etc.

Google!: the first, and usually last place I go to search., highly recommended resource for imaging on the web.

Noteworthy Artware, an inexpensive and effective music notation editor.

HP Customer Care, support for HP products.

Micron PC Support

Bob Niland is a guy with a lot of answers

Lissajous Lab, a very clever bit of Java, and interactive visual entertainment

Any Browser organization, as opposed to "best viewed with monopoly power"

Tools for everyday (and web) life

WSU Garden pest page, what to do when unwanted guests show up.

The New York Times' CyberTimes Navigator, a great starting point for finding information

United States Postal Service

Top 10 Mistakes in web design, from Mr. Useability, Jakob Nielsen. Now updated, 3 years(!) after the original.

Legal and investment

Quicken portfolio, free quotes and information

Copyright Basics

Idaho Code

Travel and geography

MapQuest, how to get there

State of Idaho Home Page

Boise Idaho - Boise.Org - Boise, Idaho ID

Tiger Map Server Browser

travlang's Translating Dictionaries

AltaVista Translations

Amtrak, get it while it lasts

Sports and recreation

Windance windsurfing, my first and last stop for shopping

Don Heffernan's windsurfing page

Green Bay Packers updates

Walthers, Model railroading since 1932


Urban Legends Reference Pages: Tales of the Wooden Spoon

Dr. Ozone, stupid (but impressive!) web tricks

Web Pages that Suck -- The book is even better


clickTV, where I go to see what's on

PBS, the way TV ought to be

I, Cringely, my kind of columnist

And Your Little Dog, Too: Robert X. Cringely on the findings of fact in the Microsoft monopoly case.

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Friday, 05-Mar-2004 09:20:21 MST