Larry's still working the soundbite

October 23, 1998

Dear Tom:

Thank you for your continued correspondence on the Drug-Free Neighborhoods Act. I am sorry to hear that we continue to disagree on this important issue.

The simple fact is that no kids are gunning each other down over Joe Camel. No kids are trapped in a seemingly never-ending nightmare of street violence because of cigarettes, and no kids are suffering violent, untimely death because of tobacco. However, they are suffering these because of illicit drugs. It is a very real and very serious problems. [sic] I see signs of it every day when I drive from Virginia into the District of Columbia. The amendment I offered to S. 1415, the tobacco settlement bill, would help to solve some of these problems.

Again, is great hear from you. While we disagree of the problems out there and the solutions for them, I hope that this will not discourage you from contacting in the future with other issues which concern you.



United States Senator

I was pretty hot after getting this little gem, and fired off another letter.

Tom von Alten      tva_∂t_fortboise_⋅_org

Monday, 02-Nov-1998 17:24:00 MST