Christmas Y2k

Welcome, and Merry Christmas!
This is a quick index to works on this site that have been put up in the last year.

Photos from the huge inversion that blanketed SW Idaho last Christmas

Photos from our first visit to Yosemite Park

Photos from the open house at the new San Francisco Airport International Terminal.

I finally finished the journal and pictures from the first week of our three week trip to Europe in 1999.

I've been updating my essay on web advertisers' attempt to get your attention, and money with an Ad Attack.

When the government sent me an updated statement, I did some calculations about my interest in Social Security.

I wrote about the stock market plunge back in April. Unfortunately, it was just getting started! I think it's safe to say that the dot com bubble has burst by now.

Jeanette wrote a review of West Bay Opera's production of Kurt Weil's The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny.

I wrote a review of William Isaacs' 1999 book, Dialogue and the art of thinking together.

When the Pentagon whiffed, I wrote about the bad idea that won't go away (a.k.a. Star Wars) in Dang it, missed again.

But most of my writing on line has found its way into my weblog which I've been updating almost daily since I started in May. It's an uncontrolled mix of journal, (web) surfing report, political commentary, and links to other things that provoke, amuse and entertain.

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Tuesday, 19-Dec-2000 09:20:54 MST