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Elsewhere on my site I talk about why I'm doing this; essentially to entertain myself, and to search for an audience. But a few things about myself, so that you might know where I'm coming from, as it were, and to decide how much credence you think you should give to my opinions:

I've had some formal education, with a handful of college degrees.

Two are in engineering, one is a Bachelor of Science in "General Studies."

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I moved to Idaho, and seemed to have settled down here, after 30 years (this month).

If you've looked at the site, you can see some of the things I'm interested in at the moment. Maybe less obvious are my interests in bicycling, and music.

I used to work for a great, big corporation, but was emancipated in 2003. This was never a company town, but you might consider the context for some of the older material. My opinions have always been my own.

I managed to get my name on some patents while working at HP. The links used to point to the successor of IBM's public patent server, at "Delphion," but I've changed them to what I hope are durable USPTO pointers. If you can get the TIFF viewer to work, you can see and print free copies to your heart's content.

US 6,929,636 Internal drug dispenser capsule medical device

US 6,873,840 Resource Access/Return System

US 6,751,058 Positioning system for removable data storage cartridges

US 6,717,771 Magnetic tape cartridge having projections

US 6,538,842 Positioning system for removable data storage cartridges

US 6,499,684 Tape leader pin assembly and method for making the same (continued!)

US 6,003,802 Tape leader pin assembly and method for making the same

US 5,936,816 Integrated cleaning and leader tape

US 5,901,916 Tape cartridge reel lock

US D407,084 Tape cartridge housing

US 5,813,622 Tape cartridge reel lock

US 5,523,910 Recording/reproducing device having a bypassing pole electromagnetic actuator latch of low power requirement

US 5,455,550 Dual gap electromagnetic actuator having a bypassing pole gap and a variable pole gap

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