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Halfway into a loop at the Hatchery
Hatchery loop
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And oh yeah, people were throwing loops all over the place. It's not that much of a big air maneuver around here, more an incredibly fast barrel-roll sort of thing, just above the surface of the water.

Given the unexpected delay between when I pressed the shutter on my Nikon Coolpix950 and when it actually takes the picture, I have no idea where this was in the sequence. Well, even if there were no delay, I wouldn't know where it was, I guess...

Another loop at the Hatchery
Hatchery loop #2
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I was just shooting like crazy, at one trick after another. Half of the pictures were either too blurred to save, or of something interesting like the water and rocks below me, when I lowered the camera thinking the shot had already been taken.

At least I wasn't wasting film learning about yet another of the camera's quirks.

Landing a loop successfully
Nice landing
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Many of the loops were landed successfully, which means everything in one piece, same course, but not much speed, so try to get going as for a waterstart.

Landing a loop less successfully
Crash landing
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Some of the loops were landed less successfully, leaving a larger or smaller spray blob to mark the spot.

Jibe special effects
A blurry regular jibe
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After a while, it all becomes a blur.

Hatchery hot shots
Hatchery hot shots, after the session
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This redhead was doing some wild and crazy stuff earlier, but when I was back with my camera, he was kicked back and enjoying the scene from the gallery. Followers of the sport may recognize him? I'm a practioner more than a follower, so I don't.

Right of way at the Hatchery
Right of Way
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Let's see now, who has the right of way in this situation?

Tidewater barge happy face
Tidewater happy days
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The big boy does, of course, and happiness is enough wind for everybody.

Union Pacific downgrade at Weatherby
Down to the Snake R., at Weatherby
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For day 3, I'd planned to head east, and sail at Rufus again, on my way home. Only problem with that plan is that there wasn't any wind scheduled to get that far out into the desert. It was obvious about Rowena, so I crossed the bridge at The Dalles and headed back to the Hatchery for another morning of sailing.

It wasn't as big as the day before, but still plenty to sail on. I rigged my 4.7, but by the time I'd screwed around getting a new fin installed, hauled my gear to the launch and worked up a significant sweat in my full wet suit, it wasn't looking that promising. Rerigged to 5.1, and that was just right for a while. Still gusty, up and down, though. And the Naish "Boss" 9" fin I'd just put in was too small for my rig and/or board, wanting to spin out far too easily.

Stopped to change back to the other one, and by the time I was back out, it was nicely filled in, and would've been perfect for my 4.7... but I figured to just tough it out and pack it in. Hit the road about 2pm local, in time to get back to Boise at a reasonable hour, after rolling home with the Union Pacific.

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