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Starting a jump jibe at the Hatchery
Jumping to jibe
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I'm so behind the times, I didn't even what the names of the tricks were. But thanks to Larry Hoff, I now have some clues, and can properly label some of these. Larry says this is a "Willy Skipper," "like a jump jibe on steroids. The board has been kicked around 180 degrees, with the sailor still over the board. When it lands, it'll be planing backwards."

Board and sail jibed, momentum still on the old course
Board and sail jibed, going backwards
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If you keep your feet in the straps, I'm told it's a "Vulcan."

As above, but not quite so stylin at this moment
As above
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Backwinding to stop and rotate
Backwinding the jibed sail
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The "Spock" is "a Vulcan where the sail is backwinded at the end so that the board carves another 180 degrees to end up in the original direction, and the sailor pushes the clew through the wind to end up sailing clew-first."

Sail jibed, still going the wrong way, but slower
in the helicopter part
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Somewhere in there, there's another 360° rotation... to actually stop going forward (on the old tack) and get turned around? Note the sailor's on the downwind side of the sail here, with another 180° turn needed to get everything pointed the right way.

Board flipped, sail still to be jibed
The late sail jibe trick
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This is one of the guys who was jibing the sail later, rather than at the same time as flipping the board. Different trick, I suppose. (Larry says another Willy Skipper.)

Early jibe, and a nice rainbow to go with
Starting the trick, with rainbow
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This guy with the blue sail was the one who was hitting them most consistently. Extra style points for kicking the spray up into a rainbow, too.

Spinning, unjibed
Somewhere in the spin cycle
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Larry says another Spock. (How does he get out of this mess?)

Speed breaking into the helicopter part
Speed braking
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And another Willy Skipper. Part of the trick must be making sure your fin's out of the water when trying to spin the board around... and digging the nose in for speed braking. It's all so complicated.


Loops, crashes, barges and trains...

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