UTV Sailing Obs

Barclay Bay Wx service note: we'll be out of commission April 13-20. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Current obs (NOAA f'cast)

 Time   Tem  Wind
Barclay Bay 
No data found.

Near Indian Cr.

time    tem wind
 2:53pm  64   NW 25G41  
 1:53pm  63   NW 26G39  
12:53pm  64  NNW 21G40  
 2:56pm  65   NW 21G36  
 1:56pm  65  NNW 24G32  
12:56pm  63  WNW 24G35  
Mtn Home
 2:58pm  65   NW 32G44  
 1:58pm  65  WNW 36G43  
 1:32pm  64   NW 24G40  
12:58pm  64   NW 31G39  
12:22pm  64   NW 38G46  
 2:47pm  54    N 10     
 1:53pm  54    N 15     
12:53pm  54   NW 12G21  

Mon Apr 19 03:20 PM

Sunrise: 06:55

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NWS metogram with ETA model f'cast (less likely to show SE)
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Grandview 2 day view
Fairfield 2 day view

Watershed: BuRec's teacup diagram
LP res level
water temp

Sunrise: USNO

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