Wind plot key

Here's a sample wind plot, for August 5, 1999:

Wind plot of Aug 5, 1999

The top row is Caldwell, the middle row Boise, the bottom row Mountain Home. The "spear" shows the direction the wind is blowing (with the usual map convention - north is up, east right, etc.), and is sized according to the wind speed. For gust reports, there's another arrowhead, floating beyond the spear (the left-most Mtn. Home observation has one).

In between Boise and Mtn. Home, there's a timeline from midnight to noon, and below Mtn. Home's row, there's a scale indicator for the windspeed. Next down is a line graph of the reported temperatures for the three stations, using the same colors for each station as above. And finally, a plot of the reported barometric pressure at each station, in inches of Mercury.

Tom von Alten      tva_∂t_fortboise_⋅_org

Sunday, 29-Aug-1999 11:00:00 MDT