UTV Sailing Obs

And... we're back! Thanks to Chris Lee for making this work.

Current obs (NOAA f'cast)

 Time   Tem  Wind
Barclay Bay 

8:25am  52  SSE   8     
8:20am  50  SE    8     
8:15am  50  SSE   9     

Mt Home AFB 7:58am 40 ESE 7 6:58am 39 NE 5 5:58am 42 CALM
Caldwell 8:25am 48 NE 6 8:20am 46 NE 7 8:15am 46 ENE 7 Wed Apr 25 08:39 AM

Sunrise: 06:46

Unisys' 60 hour f'cast for Boise. (NGM model)
The NWS ETA model (less likely to show SE)
* "dP" is pressure difference between Hailey and Boise.
Grandview 2 day view
Fairfield 2 day view

Watershed: BuRec's teacup diagram
LP res level
water temp

Sunrise: from the Navy

Observations updated automatically every 20 min. from 5am to 8pm. a/r)