"Full NOAA" perl script

First of all, if you're wondering "what's perl?!" this probably isn't for you. But it might be interesting to consider, and some day maybe you'll be ready for it, who knows?

In the process of trying to automate (and simplify) some of the reporting process, I wrote this script to run as a daily scheduled task. It does everything I'd been doing by hand for the text tabular reports, except for writing the sailing report. (Now, if only my ISP or other arrangements left me a way I liked to have it run automatically... but that's another story.)

Right now, there are two parts to this tool (three, if you don't have perl for your system yet, with the CPAN LWP libraries):
    The perl script
    The HTML template

I've posted these both as .txt files so that you can download them for inspection, rather than try to execute or interpret them with your browser. To make them work, edit the directory paths as needed, modify the HTML to suit, and try it out.

Once it's working, you might like a desktop shortcut (in PC terms) like I have. The target is something like
"C:\Programs\perl\bin\perl.exe D:\Tom\Code\perl\fullnoaa.pl"

I suppose it would be nice to wrap this in a batch file that ran the perl program, then brought up the page with my browser... I'll let you know if I figure that out (or, tell me!).

Tom von Alten      tva_∂t_fortboise_⋅_org


Sunday, 01-Aug-1999 15:42:00 MDT