That gnarly clutch of oaks by the Dish

I went the wrong way out of campus (on purpose), enjoying the morning. Back around Junipero Serra Ave., "the Dish" open space is to the south. There's this one clutch of oaks that caught my eye from the top of Stanford Ave., months ago. I took one picture from too far away back then, but now with a longer lens (and a low-res destination), I could get a little closer to capturing what it feels like.

I could've walked a lot closer, actually. The guard (new feature to keep dogs out, and people on the refurbished trails) politely informed me that I could park my bike in a bike rack across the road if I wanted, but that it was OK to leave it leaning on the fence if I wanted. Thanks, I said, I'm just getting this picture...


Tom von Alten      tva_∂t_fortboise_⋅_org